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AromaTherapy Laboratories USA
Quality Assurance

At AromaTherapy Laboratories, we provide you with our comprehensive commitment, guaranteeing the quality of each essential oil in our professional line by:

  • organoleptic analysis (taste, smell, color)
  • physical analysis (relative density at 20 C, refractive index at 20 C, optical rotation at 20 C)
  • biochemical analysis (gas chromatographic and spectrometric analysis)

Buying Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils

Essential oils are found in many pharmacies, health food stores, new-age stores, department stores, and natural food supermarkets. You can choose from a wide variety of brands. Essential oils are not of the same quality–most essential oils available on the market today are not high quality products and have little or no therapeutic value. They either have been cut with other substances, rectified, deterpened, adulterated, or are partly synthetic. Most essential oils lack information about their true content. You can find yourself with a very hazardous product, with no guarantee about its origin and therapeutic value. Buy only 100% pure, certified essential oils!

AromaTherapy Laboratories has over 200 certified essential oils. Please browse through our product offerings.