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AromaTherapy Laboratories USA
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AromaTherapy Laboratories sells the finest, therapeutic quality essential oils in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our essential oils have been awarded a "quality of certification" by a scientific committee of independent health professions, based in Europe, who support the quality of essential oils for therapeutic use.

Whether you're an experienced aromatherapist, or placing your first order for essential oils, we're here to provide you with the products or information you're seeking.

AromaTherapy Laboratories is an international team of aromatherapy experts with years of experience in the research, extraction, and knowledge of essential oils. Thanks to our permanent and consulting staff of specialists–pharmacists, chemists, physicians, agronomists, biochemists, and homeopathists–we have a thorough scientific knowledge of aromatherapy.

Our essential oils are tested, analyzed by a biochemist, and labeled with a lab test number. Our single essential oils are bottled in the same bottles we dispense to pharmacies throughout Europe–amber glass, safety-sealed cap, and orifice reducer, to control the flow of drops. Our labels include the exact botanical species in Latin, the producing organ of the plant, and the biochemical specificity. We guarantee the origin and the exact nature of each essential oil.

Our new aromatherapy line of products for retailers and mass merchandisers is packaged in a blister-carded, tamper proof pack, individually bar coded for stock control, and contains a free, multi-page aromatherapy guide in every pack.

AromaTherapy Laboratories USA
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Boston, MA 02114
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AromaTherapy Laboratories USA
Midwest Office
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Ann Arbor, MI 48103
voice: 734-741-1617
fax: 734-741-7109

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