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AromaTherapy Laboratories USA

Products for Commercial Sales, Manufacturers, and Bulk Use

Consulting and Educational Services                              

Bulk Products
Our therapeutic, 100% pure, certified essential oils, blends, and synergies are available in bulk quantities. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Training and Educational Programs
We offer a full range of training and educational programs nationwide. Contact us for details.

Electronic Environmental Fragrancing Systems
We also market state-of-the art electronic environmental fragrancing systems for business and industry. These patented fragrancing systems dispense precise amounts of fragrant synergies, devised to expand retail sales, increase worker productivity, and reduce stress in the work place .

What "Muzak" is to sound, our commercial fragrancing systems are to our keen sense of smell. Our client base for commercial fragrancing includes some of the top 500 corporations.

We provide expert aromatherapy and fragrance consulting. Examples of our clients include: the cosmetic industry, the skin care industry, the automotive industry, the food industry, and the health care industry.

Please request our bulk/manufacturers catalog and price list on the Ordering Information form.